For 50 years Amza Ltd. has lead the Israeli market in metal surface treatment, cleaning processes and advanced finishing processes. Together with their sister company Elad Technologies, the company employs 80 employees who are mostly chemists and engineers.

Amza brings to the Israeli industry the world's most advanced finishing solutions in order to enable the Israeli industry to lead in domestic and international markets.

MacDermid EnthoneAmza is an Israeli manufacturing center of products for the surface finishing market based on local knowledge and international know-how agreements. Amza is part of the MacDermid Enthone group – one of the world's leading companies in developing and marketing surface-finishing technologies, metal finishing and electronics manufacturing;

Engineering coatings;

For the military industry, automotive, aviation, machinery and more.

Decorative coatings;

For the jewelry industry, sanitation, furniture and more.

Coatings and finishing treatments for the electronic market;

For the printed circuit boards industry, semiconductors market and electronic assemblies.