Engineering finishing: from MacDermid Enthone


zinc alkaline sodium and potassium based
zinc acid, zinc cyanide

Zinc alloys:

zinc nickel ,alkaline / acidic
zinc iron

Zinc passivation:

chromatic passivation, trivalent passivation, with and without Cobalt, thick passivation, blue, black, green, Electrical passivation, ROHS compliant, etc.

Electroless Nickel:

with phosphor concentration (high-low and medium), combined with Teflon, LEAD FREE, ROHS compliant, etc.


steels, stainless steels, copper, brass.

Plating on Plastic

Nickel Plating:

single layer, duplex, triplex, nickel Solfamat

Copper cyanide along with acidic

Hard Chromium

Coating of precious metals (silver, with and without antimony, silver conductive for Electronics)

Phosphatization: iron, manganese, zinc

Decorative finishing: from MacDermid Enthone

Gold, silver, Precious Metals, Electroforming, Plating on Plastic, Copper Nickel, Bronzex, Nickel Free, Chrome Plating based on Hexavalent and TriValent.

Surface treatment and Strippers: from MacDermid Enthone

Cleaners: chemical cleaners and Electro chemical cleaners, acidic rust removers and alkaline, acidic inhibitors, biological cleaners

Stripper: for tin, copper, nickel, Electroless Nickel, Gold


Anodization, passivation and phosphate substitute products for aluminium coloring pretreatment
High Quality colors for anodize and passivation comply with aviation standards
Products for Aluminium surface treatment and Anodize for the military and aviation market comply with QPL standard from Chemeon

Other Technologies

Aviation - certified and approved chemicals for aviation (Cleaners for aluminum, steel, aviation color removers), Detergents for Aircraft interior, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft and jet engines from CeeBee
Advanced Stainless Steel Passivation without nitric acid on the basis of citric acid that meet all the standards from Stellar
Electric transparent lacquer in various shades, simple and cheap solution for the decorative market
Cathaphoretic colors for the automotive industry and advanced dyeing processes from PPG