Engineering finishing: from MacDermid Enthone


zinc alkaline sodium and potassium based
zinc acid, zinc cyanide

Zinc alloys:

zinc nickel ,alkaline / acidic
zinc iron

Zinc passivation:

chromatic passivation, trivalent passivation, with and without Cobalt, thick passivation, blue, black, green, Electrical passivation, ROHS compliant, etc.

Electroless Nickel:

with phosphor concentration (high, low and medium), combined with Teflon, LEAD FREE, ROHS compliant, etc.


steels, stainless steels, copper, brass.

Plating on Plastic

Nickel Plating:

single layer, duplex, triplex, nickel Solfamat

Copper cyanide along with acidic

Hard Chromium

Coating of precious metals (silver, with and without antimony, silver conductive for Electronics)

Phosphatization: iron, manganese, zinc

Decorative finishing: from MacDermid Enthone

Gold, silver, Precious Metals, Electroforming, Plating on Plastic, Copper Nickel, Bronzex, Nickel Free, Chrome Plating based on Hexavalent and TriValent.

Surface treatment and Strippers: from MacDermid Enthone

Cleaners: chemical cleaners and Electro chemical cleaners, acidic rust removers and alkaline, acidic inhibitors, biological cleaners

Stripper: for tin, copper, nickel, Electroless Nickel, Gold


Chemical Compounds for Anodize, passivations and phosphate substitutes as pre-painting , High quality anodize colors and passivations with aviation standards from MacDermid Enthone

Chemical Compounds for aluminum for anodized surface treatments, that meet the QPL standard from Chemeon