Surface activation treatments

Materials designed for surface activation of dielectric materials (PI, Teflon, Epoxy) prior to electroless copper and electroless nickel plating
Materials designed for surface preparation of copper prior photoresist lamination, inner layers lamination, and final finishes
Photoresist developer, photoresist strippers, and solder mask strippers
Cleaning materials for photoresist developing and stripping materials
Stripper for tin/tin-lead plating from copper, gold plating from nickel and electroless nickel from copper


Metallization Processes

Cold Zero stress electroless copper specially designed for SAP

Hot electroless copper
High Build electroless copper specially designed for MID
Electroless nickel medium Phosphor, RoHS compliance, lead & cadmium free, work at 55°C specially designed for MID 
DC bright electrolytic copper
PPR bright electrolytic copper
DC Matte electrolytic copper
DC electrolytic copper specially designed for BV fill and simultaneously TH plating
PPR electrolytic copper specially designed for TH fill at a single step
Direct Metallization based on conductive polymer and graphite
Electrolytic Matte Tin based on MSA specially designed for barrel plating and reel to reel
Unique Electrolytic nickel specially designed for barrel plating and prevention of Tin discoloration


Final Finishes

Immersion silver, Immersion tin, OSP, ENIG, ENEPIG, tin/tin-lead Matte electrolytic, Flux and Oil designed for HASL, electrolytic Sulfamate nickel+ soft gold (99.99%), hard gold alloys Au-Co/Au-Ni, electrolytic indium


Raw materials from Hitachi Chemicals

Copper clad laminates and Polyimide with low CTE, low Dk, low Df and high Tg prepregs
Laminates with extremely low thickness specially designed for Fine line pattern for SAP & MSAP
DF Photoresist with resolution up to 6/6 micron



DC Electrolytic copper for C4, Damascena and copper pillars processes, sulfite gold (non-cyanide) plating specially designed for silicon, GaAs, GaN, InP and MEMS, electrolytic matte tin, electrolytic silver and electrolytic palladium for microelectronics


Specially designed materials for semiconductors from Hitachi Chemicals

Epoxy molding compounds, cleaning materials for encapsulation machine, anisotropic conductive film, die bonding materials, high heat resistant materials