All the equipment and products for mechanical surface treatments under one roof produced by the world's leading companies.

Sand blasting and shot peening machines

  • Automatic and manual custom made Sandblasting  machines from Ferro
  • Standard sandblasting machines from Econoline
  • Shot peening spraying machines by turbines, sand cleaning rooms from Turbotechnica

Vibrators  for mechanical deburing and polishing processes

  • Circular and rectangular Vibrators, disc Machines and dryers for mechanical finishing of bulk parts from Erba
  • High energy machines accelerated erosion from Acton
  • Planetary deburring and polishing machines, turbo machinery for dry and wet work, Anodize lines for Titanium, small Electro Polishing lines from Multifinish

Washing Machines

  • Ultrasonic cleaning machines and ultrasonic washing lines from Martin Walter
  • Continuous and spiral washing machines from Magido
  • Custom made Continuous and spiral washing machines from Caber

Media and Compounds for mechanical surface treatments:

  • Ceramic media, compounds and powders for deburring processes from CIMA
  • Plastic Media for deburring processes from International Chips
  • Ceramic media for blasting from Sepr
  • Glass beads for shot peening and cleaning from Sovitec
  • Aluminum oxide for sand blasting