High quality and Precision cleaning – product and equipment      

In an era where the market prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals such as HCFC-141B and the high awareness not to use hazardous and carcinogenic substances such as TCE ,PERC and NPB, Amza has installed a large number of  cleaning systems based on advanced cleaning products from from INVENTEC together with the equipment made of MEG company and Martin Walter's advanced ultrasonic equipment

  • Advanced Co-solvent cleaning processes in a vapor degreasing system
  • Innovative materials for precision cleaning
  • Degreasing parts in a VACUUM machine for excellent cleaning results and economic operating expenses, with our partner ILSA



Manual measuring devices to assess the level of cleanliness of parts or solutions from SITA  

SITA Tensiometers Instruments for measuring surface tension and concentration of surfactants in liquids, for process control and quality control

SITA CleanoSpector – A Device for quick non-contact inspection of the level of cleanliness of the surface area under test

SITA ConSpector - A device for testing the level of cleanliness of a cleaning liquid (detergent or solvent) or rinse water

Surfaspector - a device for measuring the surface wetting performance, by measuring the contact angle